Play Plinko, an online casino game adapted from the popular TV version, and stand a chance of winning up to 10,000 USDT in prizes!

Plinko BGaming - Game review

BGaming's Plinko casino game is a really interesting concept, a special online casino game. When you start, you're presented with the Plinko board, some betting settings and some fitting music. The theme sets the mood for a TV show. If you know "The Price is Right" or "The Wall", well, the Casino Plinko game is pretty much the same game.

What is Plinko?

Plinko is easy to play because it's all about gambling. How do you win at Plinko? Well, all you have to do is press "Play". However, you do have some settings. You can adjust the amount of your bet, the risk you're taking, the autospin feature and the number of paylines. The more paylines there are, the more likely you are to win bigger prizes. And the risk is all related to the game's RNG (Random Number Generator). You risk more in order to win more.

Is there a viable strategy for Plinko?

Well, you can play autoplak by pressing "autoplak" or tap Plinko very quickly. And that's pressing "play" quickly. This is a good Plinko trick as well as going for 16 lines because the balls stay tight and don't go in the middle - as you can see, in the middle are the smallest wins.

The biggest wins are on the sides. What's more, the higher the risk, the bigger the win and this is because of the game's verifiability which can also be observed in the airplane game. Here you can play slots with plinkos online for free before trying them out for real money at to test all possible outcomes.

This means that another Plinko trick can be to never place just one bet. No, drop balls, as many balls as possible. When there is only one ball, it will go in the middle.

Also, when in landscape mode, keep an eye on the history of the game to your left. There's something wrong when there's a string of consecutive defeats. Turn off the high-risk feature or try reducing the stakes and let the game do its job.

As also mentioned earlier, Autoplay is too complicated and should be avoided at all costs. Autoplay is too slow. As stated above, you need to bet many times at once and then the balls bump into each other and move to the sides where the big wins occur.

Plinko has no pattern. Even if you're in a long losing streak, that doesn't mean there will be lots of wins. It just means that something is missing in the balance of the game - either the stakes are too high and you've only placed one bet, or you need to change the paylines. Remember that the game is already balanced and whenever you make changes to customize it, you run the risk of unbalancing it.

Plinko Game Features

This Plinko game is very easy on the eye, but it has a lot of features. This is because the game is highly adjustable so that it looks and behaves the way you want it to. If you plan to play Plinko for real money at an online casino, then you need to know a few things about its features:

  1. Customized Paylines. You can choose from 8 to 16 paylines. The more lines you have, the greater your chances of winning big prizes.
  2. Autoplay function. This function allows you to relax while Plinko makes your wins for you. However, bets are placed very slowly and the hands cannot hit each other and drift.
  3. Specific Betting Range: You decide what you want to bet, meaning when it comes to the maximum bet Plinko offers flexibility.
  4. Adjust Risk Settings: Higher risk = higher rewards. You can adjust your risk in Plinko.
  5. Fair Play by Connotation: Plinko comes with a probable fairness feature as well as a system for real-time checking of the game's algorithm if you keep it open.
  6. Game History: In the landscape view you can see how much you've won and lost in a table on your left-hand side.

Why is Plinko so popular?

Plinko can be so special thanks to its main principle - the throwing of random balls at a certain location. What's more, it provides an RTP of 99%, which means that almost everything you bet on will come back to you.

The game board has all the characteristic features that make Plinko a truly one-of-a-kind experience. You can play between numbers, and you could decide when the game should end.